Great Grand Master Woon Kyu Uhm

It was a HUGE honor to meet Great Grand Master Uhm at the Tae Park Taekwondo Tournament in Grand Rapids, MI.  I took these pictures of him on November 12, 2011 during the tournament.  He watched the tournament from the stage with my Grand Master, Grand Master Tae Park and my Sabumnim, Junior Grand Master Mark Good.

Great Grand Master Uhm told a crowd of 540 contestants

1. Be dedicated and work very hard in practicing traditional taekwondo. Do not try to create your own techniques.
2. To all taekwondo students: exactly follow and respect your instructor. and respect all fellow students with more seniority than you.
3. To all taekwondo instructors and senior students: Love your students and all your fellow students of taekwondo.
4. All taekwondo people should earn the respect of their community and their country. Those that do this the best should strive to be a world taekwondo leader.








My son Jake (2nd Dan) and I had our pictures taken with GGM Uhm.

It is also an honor to be included in the Good Institute group picture with my Sabumnim Junior Grand Master Mark Good and Grand Master Uhm.