Unlike many other martial arts schools in Rochester, we publish our rates right here on our website. There is no low introductory period to get you in, and you don’t have to come visit our classes in order to get our rates.

As a ministry of Journey Christian Church, our rates reflect the fact that even though we are teaching real TKD, we are not teaching it to make money. We teach TKD for the love of the art, not the love of money, and our rates are generally 1/5 of what you will find at commercial studios in the area.

We ask that you visit for 1 month free before making a payment decision. We will never lock you into a long-term program or contract, and our longest 6-month plan gives you 1 month free if you take advantage of it. Our 6-month plan can cost less than some school’s 1-month plan!

Monthly Rates:
1 person – $30/month
2 people (same family) – $50/month
Family (same household) – $70/month

6-month Rates: (Get 1 month free!)
1 person – $150.00
2 people – $250.00
Family – $350.00