What To Expect

So you’ve decided to take Taekwondo, but have no idea what you’re getting yourself into. To ease your pre-class jitters, here’s a sample class and a simple Q/A to answer some common questions about our class.

Class is done in bare feet and loose-fitting clothes.  If you decide to stay, a uniform can be purchased.

Class starts with stretching.  Static stretching (touching your toes) and dynamic stretching (swinging your leg higher and higher) are both needed to loosen up.

Once everyone is lined up, we start with TKD Basics.  Basics are the fundamental building blocks that everything else is built on.  Everyone does basics and they are very easy to learn, but take a lifetime to master.

Basic kicks are then practiced.  Beginners learn three basic kicks: Front Kick, Side Kick, Roundhouse Kick.  These three kicks are practiced every class so they become natural and fluid.

Advanced kicks are taught depending on the mix of the class.  This includes ax, crescent, standing, jumping, back sidekick and roundhouse, etc.

From this point the class changes depending on what the instructor thinks is needed.  You could do partner work where you are paired with someone and you work on flexibility together, kicking partners, etc.  You could also do some strength and endurance drills during this time.

Near the end we work on forms.  Forms are the memorized patterns that each rank needs to know to advance.  They are taught to you and you work on them in class, and at home.

There is a cool-down time near the end and then you’re done!

Q. What should I bring to class?
A. Loose-fitting clothes and water. Do not wear watches, dangly earrings, necklaces, bracelets of other jewelry that can move around.

Q. What ages do you teach?
A. Children as young as 8, and adults of any age are welcome.

Q. When do I get my uniform?
A. Uniforms can be purchased at any time after your free month

Q. Will my child get beat up?
A. All classes are very structured. They are organized by rank so beginning students are only with other beginners and aggression is not tolerated.

Q. Will my child have fun?
A. Our school would not grow if students did not have fun. We try to foster a community of TKD students that cheer each other on and have a lot of fun.

Q. Do you have any events outside of class?
A. Yes, we have an annual picnic, Christmas party, Valentine fund raiser, Tournament (In Grand Rapids, MI) and seminar in Dyersberg, TN.

Q. Do you teach private lessons?
A. Currently there is not enough gym availability to conduct private lessons. If private lessons are needed, it would be worked out with one of the instructors.

Q. You guys are so cheap compared to other places. Are your black belts good everywhere?
A. Our Black belts are awarded from the Kukkiwon in South Korea and are recognized around the world.

Q. How long does it take to go from white to black
A. That depends completely on the commitment of the student. The average time is 3 1/2 years.

Q. How much are the tests?
A. Each test rank is a different cost. White costs $25 while high red costs $55. The rest of the tests are in between those costs.