Mr. Gregory Gartland

Founder/Head Instructor

TKD History:
2/2/2005 – Started Taekwondo – Good Institute
11/8/2008 – Tested for 1st DAN
3/13/2010 – Tested for 2nd DAN
4/15/2012 – Tested for 3rd DAN

2005 – 2006, 2008 – 2017 – Attended 12 Tae Park World Class Taekwondo Tournaments
2010 – 2014, 2016 – 2018 – Attended 8 Senior Master Lewis’ Taekwondo National Seminars

Personal History:
1965 – Born in Rochester, NY
1983 – Graduated Charlotte Junior/Senior HS
1985 – Graduated MCC – Associates in Geology
1988 – Married to Jaci Voetberg
1990 – Graduated SUNY College at Brockport – BS in Geology
2004 – Moved to Hudsonville, MI
2005 – Started TKD at Tae Park Taekwondo under Junior Grand Master Mark Good
2007 – Moved back to Rochester, NY
3 Children, Jacob (24 – 3rd Dan), Gillette (22 – Red 1) and Garrett (16 – 2nd Dan)

Professional History:
1984 – 1997 – Staff Geologist for Ward’s Natural Science
1997 – 2010 – Computer consultant for various companies
2010 – present – Owner of Gartland Technologies, LLC

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After returning to Rochester, Mr. Gartland searched for a place to practice TKD and could not find a school that taught traditional TKD at the level taught by Junior Grand Master Good in Michigan. Inquired to JGM Good if he could start a school in Rochester and on 06/08, TKD classes at Journey Christian Church started.

Unlike many schools in Rochester, Mr. Gartland teaches TKD for the love of the art, not for money. Pure TKD should be available to all, not just people that can afford expensive classes. All classes are conducted by Mr. Gartland, but under the guidance of JGM Good. All tests conducted at Journey Christian Church are streamed live to Grand Rapids, Michigan for grading. A HUGE thanks to Junior Grand Master Mark D. Good for his guidance, encouragement, and unwavering commitment to teaching Tae Kwon Do. This school would not be here without JGM Good’s help.