Why Choose Us?

With all the Tae Kwon Do studios and Martial Art studios in Rochester, why should you choose us?

1. As a ministry of the church, we do not conduct classes to make money.  We don’t have overhead that needs to be covered or salaries that need to be paid.  Because of this, our costs are about 1/5 of what you would pay at a retail studio. All of the money paid by students goes right back into the class to pay for supplies and to help pay for class trips.

2. We test every 13 weeks and our tests are very reasonable ($40 – $70 depending on rank).  We don’t “Tip” test, which is what some studios do to get more money.  When you test, you go from one color belt to the next.  There are no intermediate tests you have to take (and pay for) to get stripes or tips on your belt.

3. Classes are 2 hours long.  The depth of teaching is much greater when a student is in class for 2 full hours.  Most other studios have 45 minute classes.

4. You or your child tests only when they are ready.  Nobody is pushed through the ranks in order to test and get money. Testing is contingent on the hard work of the student. The harder you work, the more often you test.

5. When a student does receive a black belt, it is good the world over.  All black belts are awarded from the Kukkiwon and are recognized everywhere.

6. We have a strong lineage going all the way back to Great Grand Master Uhm. The lineage of any school is extremely important and demonstrates that school’s ability to maintain high standards.

7. Our classes are broken down by rank.  This makes it much easier for students to progress, since all ranks are working together towards a common goal.

8. We have fun.  Mr. Gartland believes that respect, discipline, balance, stamina, power, accuracy and self-respect can be taught in a fun, but structured atmosphere.

If these aren’t enough reasons, come to class for 1 free month to see for yourself!