Sparring Seminar

On September 26, 2014 there will be an advanced sparring seminar with Master Lemon Williams.

The seminar goes from 5pm to 9pm.

Dinner will be provided.

This is for Reds and blacks only.

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Colorbelt Test on 9/20

There will be a colorbelt test on September 20th at 2pm

Please arrive at 1:30 to help set up and get ready.

The test will be streamed live to Michigan for grading.

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2013 Tournament Information

Information for 2013 Taekwondo Tournament

DATES: Friday, November 8th to Sunday, November 10th

EVENT LOCATION: Grand Rapids Community College,
Ford Fieldhouse
111 Lyon Street NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Hospitality Hotel & Suites
5500 28th St SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49512

TRAVEL:  This year there are many cars going, so an organized caravan is not going to happen.

Those riding in the church van will be leaving the church parking lot at 5am Friday morning.  We will be traveling through the US and need to get there in time for the BB testing.  If you need travel assistance, see Mr. Gartland.  There may be cars going that have open spaces.

COST:   The cost will vary depending on a number of variables.

Tournament Fee: $50.00.  This is for every single competitor.  Make sure you get your tournament fees to me ASAP.

Hotel Fee: $69.00/night.  If you are participating in the tournament, your hotel fees are covered.  If you are not participating, but are attending, please get $40/person to Mr. Gartland.  Checks payable to Journey Christian Church are fine.

Food:  The hotel supplies a nice continental breakfast, so the meals you will need to pay for include:  Saturday Lunch (at the tournament), Saturday Dinner (At Culver’s), Sunday Lunch (at McD’s).  For a normal eater, figure $35 – $40 each.  We will not be stopping for lunch on the way there, so make sure you pack a bag lunch to eat on the way (these general guidelines can change depending on your driver’s decision).  I will be supplying Pizza for the AFTER BLACK BELT CEREMONY mini party we’ll have at the hotel Friday night.

 Gas:  Gas costs are negotiable based on the driver.


White/Yellow/Orange: please bring/borrow elbow and shin pads

Green and up: please bring WHITE helmet, mouthguard, chestguard, elbow/shin pads and cup (for guys)

ALL Color Belts: Full uniform required (pants, top, belt)

Black Belts: (Testers) Full color belt uniform and red belt for Friday night, full Black Belt uniform for Saturday.


Bring a bag lunch for Friday.  We are not stopping to purchase lunch on the way there.

Plan on having a good time and being an example as my students, students of Junior Grand Master Good,

Grand Master Tae Zee Park and representatives of Journey Christian Church.  Inappropriate behavior, speech, actions or disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.

Bring whatever electronics you want.  It’s a 9-hour ride one way (at least), so bring whatever you need to pass the time.  Nintendo game systems, iPod/MP3 players, cameras, phones (for texting between cars), etc.  Whatever you bring is your responsibility.

THERE IS NO PLACE TO SECURE YOUR BELONGINGS AT THE TOURNAMENT.  While we will have many, many people there that are not participating, you cannot trust that they will be watching our stuff all the time.  If you plan on bringing electronics (cameras, etc) to the actual tournament, please make sure you have an adult hold them when you are participating in the event.


4:30am – Meet at church
5am – Leave for Michigan
10am – Lunch somewhere along the way
3pm’ish – Arrive at hotel
4:30pm – Arrive at GRCC Ford Field House for Black Belt Test
7:30pm – Pizza at the Hotel
9:00pm – Devotions at Hotel
11pm – Lights out

7:30am – Leave for GRCC Ford Field House
8am to 9am – Registration and pre-registration check-in.
9:30am – Start tournament
12pm to 1pm – Lunch and Team Form Demo
1pm – Resume Color Belt / Black Belt Tournament
6pm – Finish ( Approx. ) and back to hotel
7:30pm – Dinner at Culver’s
9pm – Devotions at Hotel
11pm – Lights out

6:30am – Everyone meets to load vehicles
7am – Leave for NY
Noon – Lunch somewhere along the way
5pm – Arrive at Journey Christian Church

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It’s time to start collecting tournament registration fees and getting ourselves registered for the 2013 Tae Park Taekwondo Tournament. the options have changed a little, so please read carefully.

Deadline to register is November 5th

New this year:

1) Grande Championship Division: this is for Black Belts only, male and female with the following divisions: 12 to 14, 15 to 17, and 18  and older. This includes Forms, Sparring, and Break.
(BB that enter the Grande Champion Division CANNOT compete in the regular division)

2) Board Breaking: Green Belts and up ages 15 and older are now included in board breaking.

3) After Tournament Party: Tickets can now be purchased during the registration, $7/person.

4)A $10 additional fee for late registration.

Existing Events:

Forms, sparring, One-Step, and Team Form Competition

Any questions during registration, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Cost is $50 if you register to do forms/sparring. $30 additional for breaking competition.
%50 for Grand Master Championship Division.

Get your money to Mr. Gartland ASAP so he can start registering people. All checks made out to Gregory Gartland.

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Special Seminar with Junior Grand Master Mark Good

Join us for our annual seminar from 7th Dan Junior Grand Master Mark Good. Don’t miss the opportunity to train with high level black belts from Michigan. They only come out once a year, so this is your chance. Please review the itinerary below and  make sure you are here for the session designed for you.

Cost: $5/person


Friday, October 4th
When: 6pm – 9pm
Who: Blue belts and up
What: High belt training

Saturday, October 5th
When: 9am – Noon
Who: White – Green belts (full instructors please be here too)
What: Low belt training

When: Noon-1pm
Who: Full instructors and visitors
What: Lunch

When: 1pm-3pm
Who: All testers and black belts
What: Test Setup and color belt test (starting at 1:30 sharp)

When: 3:30pm-8pm
Who: Black/Red belts
What: Misc. training

Dinner: (you pay, but you’re invited)

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Taekwondo Open House

Friday, 9/13/2013, we will be having a Taekwondo open house, which is indeed open to the public.

If you or anyone you know is interested in learning more about Taekwondo without having to take a class, commit to a month of study or even sign a lengthy contract, come and see what it’s all about.

We’ll have food!  Black belts will also be putting on some cool demos.  There will be forms, sparring, breaking, and other Taekwondo events.

Come see if Taekwondo is right for you…or your entire family.

The open house is at:
Journey Christian Church
3955 Mt. Read Blvd
Rochester, NY  14616
6pm – 8pm

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Rescheduled test is now on for Thursday, June 13

Please arrive at the church at 6pm

Test will start promptly at 6:30pm

Please tell anyone you know in TKD that the test is on.

Mr. Gartland

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Due to Junior Grand Master Good being admitted to the hospital, we cannot get enough judges to judge the test.  The test this Saturday will be postponed.

I will hold onto your testing fees and let you know the date of the rescheduled test.

June 8th will be a normal red/black class.  3pm – 5pm.

Due to scheduling issues with upcoming Saturday’s, the colorbelt test will probably be rescheduled for a Thursday night, either next week’s or the week after.  I’ll keep everyone in the loop.

Mr. Gartland

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Free Women’s Self Defense Class

On March 30th, 1-3pm the Taekwondo club will be putting on a free self defense class for women.  This class will be limited to the first 35 women that express an interest to take this class.

Please bring water and wear regular workout clothes, as this is a hands-on class and you will be practicing many of the techniques that are taught.

Please email the instructor, Greg Gartland ( if you intend to go.

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Color Belt Test

Our next color belt test is Saturday, March 9th at Journey Christian Church

Please make sure you:

1. Have turned in your testing form, with appropriate fees to Mr. Gartland (and made out to Mr. Gartland)
2. Arrive at 9:30, for the test that starts promptly at 10am
3. If you are green or up, that you have money for boards ($4/board) and have all appropriate sparring gear.
4. Have practiced

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