It’s time to start collecting tournament registration fees and getting ourselves registered for the 2013 Tae Park Taekwondo Tournament. the options have changed a little, so please read carefully.

Deadline to register is November 5th

New this year:

1) Grande Championship Division: this is for Black Belts only, male and female with the following divisions: 12 to 14, 15 to 17, and 18  and older. This includes Forms, Sparring, and Break.
(BB that enter the Grande Champion Division CANNOT compete in the regular division)

2) Board Breaking: Green Belts and up ages 15 and older are now included in board breaking.

3) After Tournament Party: Tickets can now be purchased during the registration, $7/person.

4)A $10 additional fee for late registration.

Existing Events:

Forms, sparring, One-Step, and Team Form Competition

Any questions during registration, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Cost is $50 if you register to do forms/sparring. $30 additional for breaking competition.
%50 for Grand Master Championship Division.

Get your money to Mr. Gartland ASAP so he can start registering people. All checks made out to Gregory Gartland.

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