Special Training Seminar and Color Belt Test

Junior Grand Master Good, Master Don Ross and Mr. Huong Tran will be coming out. Look at the schedule and take advantage of the time slot that has been allocated for you. Opportunities like this do not come along very often, so please make sure you come!

Friday Night, 12/14
6 – 8pm – High Belt Class (Green and up, including all blacks)
8 – 9pm – Black Belt Meeting (Blacks and high reds)

Saturday, 12/15
9 – 10am – Low Belt Class (White, Yellow, Orange and all instructors)
10:30 – Noon – Color Belt Test
Noon – 1pm – Lunch
1pm – 3pm – Black Belt class (and high red)
3pm – 5pm – By Invite Only

COST – $5 each, White – Low Red
$10 each for High Red and Black.

Please come prepared to learn from these very experienced instructors.

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